• Ahmedova Zebiniso Azizovna


philosophy, worldview, Jadidism, Jadids, education, pedagogy, spiritual and moral values, culture, education, Muslim society, press, theater


The article is dedicated to the great jadid, reformer and teacher Ahmad Donish. The article reveals pedagogical views, philosophical teachings, philosophical worldview of Jadid Ahmad Donish. Theoretical and ideological origins of the formation of Donish's philosophical worldview are analyzed. Ahmad Donish made a valuable contribution not only to the development of Eastern literature and culture, but also to the formation of an enlightened and reformist worldview of the peoples of Central Asia, enriched the pages of the history of the socio-cultural thought of the inhabitants of this region with his works. That is why the civilized society of Central Asia pays more and more attention to the personality and the invaluable social and artistic heritage of Ahmad Donish of our culture.


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