• ISIRGAPOVA Sarvinoz Narzullayevna
  • SULTONOV Nodir Nazirovich


CKD, climacteric period, replacement therapy, scheduled hemodialysis, quality of life


Nowadays, there is a tendency to increase the life expectancy of the population all over the world. This depends in many respects on the improvement of diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases: primarily heart, bronchus and lungs, as well as kidney diseases. At the same time, even at an advanced stage of functional organ failure, modern methods of conservative therapy allow such patients to maintain an acceptable quality of life for a long time. This applies to patients in the CK D category who received complete replacement therapy. It is noted that previously the average life expectancy of such patients was around 40-50 years, but now this indicator has been extended to 20 years. At the same time, a significant part of dialysis patients are women of climacteric age. Some of them are in the climacteric period, and various somatic and mental changes are observed.

According to scientific studies, replacement therapy-hemodialysis itself leads to a decrease in the quality of life in women with this syndrome. It is precisely the changes that occur in this type of patient, since they are not fully studied, that form the basis of our scientific research.


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