• RAKHIMOV Nodir Makhammatkulovich
  • ABDURAKHMONOV Jurabek Amrilloevich
  • SHAKHANOVA Shakhnoza Shavkatovna
  • SULIMOVA Olga Gennadevna


ovarian cancer, recurrence, malignant ascites, intraperitonal metastasis


Diagnostic approach and treatment of recurrent ovarian cancer has many unresolved issues, the relevance of which is associated with late diagnosis and ultimately low treatment effectiveness and high mortality rates. The clinical manifestation of recurrent ovarian cancer is variable even within a morphologically similar group of patients due to the high degree of heterogeneity of the tumor. Questions remain about how wide the range of molecular genetic markers is and what is the correlation between their level and the effectiveness of treatment for ovarian cancer recurrence. One of the most promising ways to obtain information about the nature of the recurrence of the tumor process in ovarian cancer (OC) can be the study of ascitic fluid (AF).


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