• POLATOVA Jamilya Shagayratovna
  • TAGAEV Jasur Abdisamatovich


дифференциальная диагностика меланомы, меланоцитарные новообразования, фотодерматоскопия, иммуногистохимия


Objective: The purpose of the study is to assess the state of modern methods and trends in the complex differential diagnosis of melanoma among patients with melanocytic neoplasms based on a systematic analysis of the scientific literature.

Conclusions: The issue of early differential diagnosis of oncological diseases plays an important role in the framework of modern effective care for oncological patients. As for melanoma itself, which occurs in millions of people around the world and has a clear upward trend in incidence, it is a serious medical and social problem. The solution to this issue involves taking into account many factors, the combination of which may lead to some success in the treatment of melanoma, which will ultimately lead to a decrease in disability and mortality in patients


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