• XOLIQULOV Elbek Shodievich
  • SHAROPOV Sadullo Shukurilloevich


Hydrocephalus, neurosonography, ventriculoperitoneostomy


The high frequency of perinatal lesions of the central nervous system of hypoxic origin, the severity of neurological consequences, the difficulty of topical diagnosis indicate the continued relevance of early diagnosis and treatment of perinatal cerebral injuries. Since neurological symptoms do not always reflect the nature and severity of the lesion, CT, MRI, and other research methods have been introduced into clinical practice, which have opened up new possibilities in the diagnosis of brain lesions. In the structure of perinatal lesions a significant place is occupied by arachnoid cysts of the brain combined with hydrocephalus. Arachnoid cysts of the brain in children were first described by Barlow A in 1935. With the development of surgical intervention methods, intraoperative diagnostic methods have also been developed. At present, the orientation in the operating wound, the accuracy and radicalness of surgery largely depend on the use of navigation systems. Modern navigation systems have disadvantages in the form of high cost, an increase in the duration of surgical intervention, etc. Neurosonography today is a non-invasive and simple method for studying brain pathology. This research method can be used intraoperatively.


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