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  • ULMASOV Firdaus Gairatovich
  • ALLAZOV Feruz Niyazovich
  • MAVLYANOV Shavkat Khodzhamkulovich
  • TURSUNOV Sanjar Esankulovich


children, tumor, abdominal cavity, myxoma, stomach


Palpable abdominal tumor syndrome in children is a difficult diagnostic problem. Difficulties are associated with a large number of nosological units that underlie this syndrome, often an erased clinical picture and late visits to a doctor [3]. Despite the fact that often the parents themselves during the game or bathing the child pay attention to asymmetry, an increase in the size of the abdomen and / or the presence of a “dense ball”, the absence in most cases of vivid and specific manifestations of the disease lulls their vigilance; thus, parents are slow to seek medical attention. Along with this, about half of the cases of detection of a volumetric formation of the abdominal cavity are accidental findings during a dispensary examination of a child in a clinic. Often in these cases, pediatricians are in no hurry to immediately prescribe the necessary range of studies and the matter is limited to the surgeon's consultation. Also, such “accidental findings” are found during imaging studies, such as radiography and ultrasound, performed routinely or for other diseases [2].


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By Jason Wasserman MD PhD FRCPC March 24, 2023.

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