• KAYUMOV Abdurahmon Abdumavlyanovich
  • IBRAGIMOVA Gulchexra Mansurovna
  • ACHILOVA Ozoda Umarkulovna


immune thrombocytopenia, antibodies to platelets, diagnosis of thrombocytopenia, rituximab, intravenous immunoglobulins


Primary immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) is a rare (orphan) disease. Hemorrhages are the main clinical symptom. ITP presents with a tendency to bleed, bruise easily (purpura) or seep blood from capillaries into the skin and mucous membranes (petechiae). In modern literature, the results of studies conducted in patients and recommendations are given. The modern arsenal of medicines is replenished annually with new molecules, marked by good tolerance and high safety. One of the current recommendations is the use of IVIG and rituximab, which can quickly stop life-threatening bleeding and delay or avoid splenectomy. The article provides an overview of modern criteria for the diagnosis, classification and treatment of ITP, and also describes the effectiveness of the most commonly recommended drugs.


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