• KAMOLOV Sardar Jamolovich
  • MAVLYANOV Farkhod Shavkatovich
  • YANGIEV Bakhtiyar Akhmedovich


acute appendicitis, videolaparoscopy, pain


Objective: to analyze the features of the course of the postoperative period in patients with destructive forms of acute appendicitis operated on by classical access and laparoscopy.

Material and methods.In 2021, a comparative analysis of the course of the early postoperative period was carried out in 82 patients with destructive forms of appendicitis in the Samarkand branch of the National Hospital of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.The patients were divided into two equal groups depending on the method of surgical treatment.Both groups were comparable in terms of number of patients, age and gender, and therefore it was possible to compare both groups and obtain statistically significant data.The first group included 41 patients who underwent videolaparoscopic treatment, the second group included 41 patients who underwent traditional open appendectomy.

Results: it can be seen that patients of both groups were comparable in frequency of various forms of acute appendicitis.In the study of pain syndrome according to the Wong-Baker scale 24 hours after the operation, the average score of patients in the 1st group was 4.3, on the 2nd day - 3.67, on the 3rd day the average score was 2. was 0.67. Patients of the 2nd group who underwent laparoscopic treatment had the least pronounced pain syndrome, the average score on the scale was 2.8, 2.2 and 1.2, respectively.

Conclusions.Thus, based on the advantages of endolaparoscopic technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of the main urgent diseases of the abdominal organs, in subsequent years, 63% of the total number of emergency operations for destructive forms of appendicitis were performed laparoscopically.Laparoscopic intervention for acute appendicitis is highly effective, has the advantages of minimally invasive surgery, and is relatively safe with a favorable postoperative period.


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