Journal of technical science

“Technical Sciences” ( is an electronic journal designed to promote the development of technical sciences. Specialization of the journal is technical sciences. In the electronic journals will be published articles by national and foreign authors on contemporary achievements, innovative ideas and future perspectives in the field of scientific and practical technical sciences.

Mardonov Botir – pulpit “Technology of primary processing natural fiber”, professor

Xakimov Sherkul – pulpit “Technological machines and equipment”, assistant professor

Shin Illorean – pulpit “Machine Science and Services”, professor

Djuraev Anvar – pulpit “Machine Science and Services”, professor

Xamraeva Sanobar – Head of the Department of Master

Nigmatova Fatima – pulpit “Design and technology of sewing products”, professor

Tashpulatov Salikh – pulpit “Costume Design”, professor

Nabieva Iroda – pulpit “Chemical Technology”, head of the department, professor

Xudayberdieva Dilfuza – pulpit “Chemical Technology”, professor

Babaxanova Khalima – pulpit “Technology of printing and packaging production”, professor

Rafikov Adxam – pulpit “Chemistry”, head of the department, professor

SvimonOkhanashvili – Telavi State University, Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences. Assoc. Prof. Head of Informatics Chair (2008), Head of Mathematics, Informatics and Physics Department since 2010.

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Tamaz  Lachashvili – Lecturer at Telavi State University.

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Akhmedov Jakhongir – pulpit “Technology of silk” assistant professor

Yo’ldoshev Urishboy – Doctor of technical science

Usmankulov Alisher Kodirulovich – Doctor of technical science

Mariam Zakariashvili – Associate Professor of the Department of Informatics
lakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University,  Telavi, Georgia