Historical sciences

“Historical Sciences” (www.tadqiqot.uz/en/journals/hist) is an electronic journal designed to promote the development of historical sciences. The specialization of the journal is historical sciences. In the electronic journals will be published articles by national and foreign authors on contemporary achievements, innovative ideas and future perspectives in the field of scientific and practical historical sciences.

Chief editor

Murtazayeva Raxbar Khamidovna – doctor of sciences, professor 

Kebadze Madonna –  Doctor of Historical Sciences, Telav State University (Georgia)

Burdiashvili Maya – Doctor of Historical Sciences, Telav State University (Georgia)

Djuraeva Nilufar Dalibaevna – Phd, associate professor

Dilorom Babadjanova – doctor of sciences, professor 

Kobzeva Olga Petrovna – doctor of sciences

Saipova Kamola Davlyatalievna – Associate Professor, Candidate of Historical Sciences, National University of Uzbekistan, Faculty of History, Department of History of Uzbekistan.